Four Tips to Working with an Interpreter in Legal Depositions

Whether you are an attorney or a court reporter needing to hire an interpreter for your deposition, you may want to know what would help your deposition run smoothly and make sure the record is clear. Before delving into the depo format itself, it’s important to hire interpreters who have the training, the certification and…

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Federal Court Certification for Spanish Interpreters

I am currently interpreting in the United States District Courts for the District of Utah, as well as the State District Courts in the State of Utah.  I along with some colleagues are very interested in the Federal Court Certification.  It is a program to be admired along with the State Certification Program.  These programs…

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Utah State Certified Court Interepreter: What are the steps?

St George Court House

The first step in the interpreter certification process is to submit an application. The application will be used to conduct a criminal background check. Written English/Foreign Language Diagnostic Test All interpreters are required to pass a written English/Foreign Language Diagnostic Test prior to attending the workshops (Note: candidates interested in Spanish certification must pass both parts…

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FAQ about Court Interpreting in Spanish and other Languages


In English-speaking countries, they interpret for people who come before the courts who cannot communicate effectively in English. These include defendants and witnesses in criminal courts as well as litigants and witnesses in family and civil courts. Interpreters also work in out-of-court settings such as attorney-client meetings, depositions, witness preparation sessions, and interviews with court…

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Bilingual and being a Certified Spanish Interpreter – Not the same.


I was observing some court proceedings at one time.  The interpreter was busy at another court room and the attorneys started talking amongst themselves saying:  “You would think they would have more interpreters”, the other attorney replied with a sarcastic tone: “It’s because we don’t have enough bilingual people in the area.”  At this, everyone…

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