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Introduction Time Remaining
Test: Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam
Welcode to the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam

Please read these directions carefully before you start the examination. You have been provided with 15 minutes to review this tutorial. Selecting “Start the Test” will end this tutorial and begin the examination. You will not be able to return to this tutorial once the exam begings. So it is strongly suggested you view each page in full prior to beginning the exam

This examination consists of the following sections that requiere you to record an oral response:

SectionSection TypeContent Time
1Sight Translation – English to Spanish5 Minutes
2Sight Translation – Spanish to English5 Minutes
3Simultaneous Monologue Interpreting9 Minutes
4Consecutive Interpreting20 Minutes
5Simultaneous Q&A Interpreting6 Minutes

Continue with this tutorial to learn more about each section type.

You should have received a Sound Recording Test message prior to entering the tutorial. If this message did not appear, inform the proctor the proctor at this time.

The proctor has provided you with paper and pen/pencil for note taking during the examination. If you need extra, make sure you know how to get the proctor’s attention. You most leave your notes at the test center when you are finished. If you do not leave them, your exam may be voided.

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If you choose to finish this section, you will not be able to return to the section

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