Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreters are skilled in listening and speaking at the same time, delivering the interpreted speech a few seconds after the original speaker. A simultaneous interpreter must first quickly listen to the speech to understand the true meaning of the message the speaker is trying to convey, and then render the meaning in the other language while listening to the next segment of information.

Simultaneous interpreting is often used in court proceedings such as arraignments, hearings, or trials where the defendant needs to hear what is being said but doesn’t need to reply frequently at that particular stage of the proceedings. In order to preserve the defendant’s due process rights, everything spoken in open court must be interpreted to the defendant simultaneously. This is achieved either when the interpreter speaks in a low voice next to the defendant or through microphones and earpieces.

Simultaneous interpreting is also used for larger meetings with multiple speakers and audience members. The flow of communication is achieved through the use of such technology as microphones, earpieces, and soundproof booths.
Simultaneous mode of interpreting is mentally taxing and requires a high level of concentration, necessitating two simultaneous interpreters of comparable skill. The average length of time an experienced simultaneous interpreter can interpret for is approximately 20-30 minutes. The second simultaneous interpreter would then step into alternate with the first simultaneous interpreter to ensure seamless interpretation.

Certified Spanish Interpreters provides live simultaneous interpretation in the St. George, UT area.