Consecutive Interpretation

In a Consecutive interpretation, the interpreter must wait for the original speaker to pause or finish speaking before interpreting the message or statement in the desired language. Consecutive interpreting is a true and accurate interpretation of one language to another, spoken in brief sound bites successively, without omissions or embellishments, so that the parties can understand each other slowly and deliberately.

Consecutive interpretation is often used during court proceedings when parties are addressing a witness or defendant on the witness stand. In legal settings, such as attorney/client or prosecutor/witness/victim interviews, the consecutive mode is the preferred mode of interpreting, as it is in a question and answer session. Consecutive interpreting should be used during police interviews of suspects and/or witnesses or victims, especially during recorded interviews. The gaps in speech between the parties allow for a clear and accurate transcript to be prepared if necessary for further court proceedings.

Consecutive mode of interpreting is also often used in a variety of settings, from legal depositions to medical appointments to escort interpreting. Since the interpreting is of a larger scope of a conversation, it is helpful for the interpreter to know as much as possible regarding the subject matter of the interpretation (whenever possible). This way, the interpreter can research basic terminologies in both languages, ensuring an effective flow of communication.

Certified Spanish Interpreters offers live consecutive interpretation in the St. George, UT area.